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Verily Table

Here for you in the dinner hour.

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Verily Table

Effective meal-planning is often elusive. 

There are the meal plans that require perfect adherence to work (skipped cooking on Monday? Now you’re missing the leftover chicken you need for Wednesday’s recipe). 

There are the ones that mail you ingredients and recipes (but not without a big hit to your wallet). 

And there is, of course, the DIY method (which often requires more time and effort—or recipe repetition—than desirable). 

Verily Table takes a different approach. It’s a weekly email built on the belief that meal-planning should be practical and inexpensive—and most importantly, that the dinner hour should feel restorative. 

In each weekly email, you’ll find…

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Each edition features five curated recipes straight from the bookmarked collections of our editors, writers, and subscribers.

That means that you’ll never find a recipe inside that we haven’t made in our own kitchens, that we haven’t annotated where modifications need to be made, that we wouldn’t recommend to our own friends and family members (and often, we already have!). 

Furthermore, we categorize them in a way that we hope helps you fit your needs:



produces a big yield


Quick and Easy

perfect for a last-minute weeknight dinner


Already Stocked

uses shelf-stable or slow-to-perish ingredients


Hosting Ready

noteworthy for taste or presentation


Slow Cooker, Salad, and Marinade

rotated throughout the year to make the most of seasonal eats



When it comes to removing stress from the dinner hour, meal-planning is only half the battle.

Our day-to-day challenges—ruminating on projects left unfinished, tomorrow’s looming to-do list, difficult moments with coworkers or loved ones—can often follow us well into the evening, when we’re supposed to be unwinding. 

That’s why each edition also includes:

  • Several podcast episodes (featuring topics and interviews we think you’ll find fascinating—because we did)

  • A playlist or two (if you simply want some mood music)

We hope they’ll guide your thoughts away from the worries of the day and into your evening leisure as you cook. 


reflection questions

Just as our mundane daily stressors often take center stage in our minds well beyond their allotted time, they can sometimes dominate dinner conversation, too.

Each Verily Table edition concludes with questions to spark meaningful conversation or reflection.

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Taken together, our weekly Verily Table email newsletter can transform an ordinary, daily act into a ritual of restoration.

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Illustrations courtesy of: Erin Kelly