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Verily Home

Timeless interior design made simple for you.


Verily Home

Interior design often feels like something we’ll get to later.

There’s no shortage of reasons why. Choosing a new piece of furniture can be intimidating—and expensive. Taking the time to hang a gallery wall in a temporary apartment feels frivolous. Getting a beautiful rug seems like a waste in a house of small, messy children. Why bother? 

Here at Verily Home, we believe that surrounding ourselves with beauty is important to our mental health and overall well-being—and that it need not be a luxury reserved for later in life. Our goal is to help you make your living space the beautiful sanctuary you want it to be right now. 

To that end, our twice-a-month email newsletter features big projects and small, like:

  • Choosing the right couch for your living room

  • Putting together the perfect gallery wall

  • Styling a bookshelf

  • Organizing a cluttered bedroom

  • Setting the perfect dinner table

But only you know what your living space most needs. That’s why we invite subscribers to submit areas of their own homes for which they want help or inspiration—from that blank wall in the living room to the couch in need of throw pillows. Our designers offer tips and curate looks and products based on readers’ style and budget. The result? Personalized, professional design advice that’s practical for your current stage in life.

Whether you’re ready for a big change or simply looking for small ways to beautify your space, we know you’ll find inspiration in Verily Home.

View a sample edition here.


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