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Verily Cents

Taking a holistic approach to your finances.


Verily Cents

Financial wisdom is often painted in black and white. Choose the least expensive option. Take the higher-paying job. Make your coffee at home. 

It’s not bad advice, but it’s typically offered without regard for an individual’s unique circumstances, personality, and values. And because our personal finances can easily become a source of stress, it’s sometimes more intimidating than helpful. 

Here at Verily Cents, we’ll never tell you whether you should buy the house, open the credit card, or skip that morning latte.

What we will do is help you cultivate an intentional approach to your finances.

By “intentional,” we mean that you’re spending your hard-won money with purpose and with a plan—rather than in an accumulation of small, inattentive decisions that leaves you feeling out-of-control. And by “intentional,” we also mean that your financial life is one that you’ve designed with your values in mind—not someone else’s.

In this twice-a-month email newsletter, we tackle the usual topics, like:

  • Sticking to a personal budget

  • Making decisions about debt

  • Maximizing employee benefits

But we also cover intangibles factors that may be affecting our personal finances, like:

  • Conquering shame with regard to our bank accounts

  • Why contentment for what we have can lead us to spend less

  • How money can impact our relationships

Each edition ends with a small step toward healthier finances that you can take that very day. 

Our goal is to offer you a more holistic way to think about your finances—so you can spend and save your dollars according to what matters most to you.

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