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Verily Yours


what you get:

exclusive, curated content

Each of our four email newsletters (some delivered weekly, some every other week) aims to lift some of the load from your daily life—so you have more time for what’s truly meaningful:

  • Verily Table aims to make the dinner hour feel more restorative with our favorite tried and true recipes from around the web, podcasts to listen to while you cook, and questions for reflection while you eat. More >>

  • Verily Work is your companion when the workweek stress creeps in. Each edition inspires a new approach to an element of your work so that you can start with the week with renewed focus. More >>

  • Verily Cents breaks down money matters with values, personality, and relationships in mind—so you can be intentional with your finances in whatever way works best for you. More >>

  • Verily Home offers inspiration for cultivating beauty in your home—whether by small changes (like a lovely DIY bouquet) or large (like purchasing the right couch for your living space). More >>


what you join:

a community-driven publication

At Verily, your voice matters. 

Each month, we solicit feedback from Verily Yours subscribers on recent articles and upcoming ideas. Because Verily Yours subscribers are quite literally financially partnering with us, we desire to extend that partnership to where it matters most—our content. Subscribers are also invited to private, subscriber events in participating cities. Our door (or inbox, at least) is always open, especially to the most loyal members of our community. 


what you build:
a sustainable publication

In the current media climate, it’s not enough for publications to rely on ads for revenue. Like so many other publications, we’ve turned to readers to ensure our longevity. 

In lieu of a paywall, however, we created Verily Yours—exclusive content, community, and collaboration with the Verily team. By subscribing, you’re not only purchasing a product; you become a more active partner in our mission to empower women to be less of who they should be, more of who they are.

We can’t do this without you—and we wouldn’t want to even if we could.

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Learn more about each newsletter:

Verily Table | Verily Work | Verily Cents | Verily Home

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