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Join Verily Yours

“Verily” means “truly.” Since our founding, we’ve striven to be a publication that reflects who you truly are, and empowers you in your values and what you desire in life. Our subscription service, Verily Yours, extends that mission by giving you content and resources to simplify your life.

Delivered in the form of email newsletters, Verily Yours wants to lift some of the load of your everyday life, so that you can worry less about what you should be doing, and have more time to be who you are. While your subscription gives you the Verily touch in your life, it helps us sustain our publication in an increasingly changing media climate and it supports our efforts to bring Verily to print (as you’ve asked for and we look forward to).

A monthly or annual subscription includes the following:

  • Verily Table: A weekly newsletter that aims to make the dinner hour a bit more restorative with podcasts to listen to while you cook and questions for reflection while you eat. Each edition includes recipes for traditional, Paleo, gluten-free, and vegetarian eaters in the following categories:

    • Already Stocked (made from ingredients you likely already have on hand)

    • Quick and Easy (comes together in half an hour or less)

    • Hosting Ready (perfect to serve guests)

    • Batch (makes enough for leftovers)

    • Slow Cooker (in the winter months) and marinades or salad dressings (in the summer months)

    Take a look at a recent edition here.

  • Verily Work: This newsletter aims to be your companion when Sunday evening work stress creeps in. Each Sunday night edition offers a productivity tip or analysis on a workplace trend that inspires a new approach to an element of your work. Our team of professionals range from students, moms, freelancers, corporate office dwellers, managers, and more.

    Take a look at a recent edition here.

  • Verily Cents: Your approach to your finances is as unique as you are. So we’ve partnered with a professional financial advisor to break down everything related to money with values, personality, and relationships in mind. Each biweekly edition includes a simple task that takes just five minutes to complete, so that intentionality in money is within reach for even the busiest among us.

    Take a look at a recent edition here.

  • Verily Home: Demo days and TV interior design makeovers aren’t the only way to get the home of your dreams. Our Verily Home professional designers are eager to give you design consultation as a price you can afford. Subscribers of Verily Yours can submit their own design queries for suggestions on color schemes, what to buy (from pillows to furniture to chandeliers, and everything in between), and how to arrange it all.

    Take a look at a recent edition here.

Subscriptions are $7.99/mo or $60 one-time annual fee. Your subscription not only gives you quality content that adds the Verily touch to your daily life, it supports our current editorial work and efforts to launch the print magazine again. We’d be honored to have you join us at Verily Yours!


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